Promotional Tour

Creating a unique Mobile experience that will promote our client’s brand image
is our goal.

Promotional tours and roadshows are a valuable marketing tool allowing brands to lay the ground work in order to establish a positive reputation with their potential consumer base.

Our main goal with promotional tours is to offer impactful brand marketing with every step of the process. With exceptional attention to detail, precision and careful, strategic planning, we are able to make sure your brand gets the most exposure possible.

A roadshow begins with a custom design wrapping of the promotional vehicle which is created and designed in-house, allowing us more control and precision over the projected image.

From there, each detail is taken into account; the routes to your locations are planned to maximize exposure, the locations where your brand will interact are strategically chosen to maximize consumer exposure and ambassadors are carefully chosen to interact with participants. These key points are what will help your brand leave a positive and lasting impression on your public, or industry specific consumer base.

From creative design, activation concepts, pre/post promotion, labor, brand ambassadors, custom vehicles and routing strategies, administrative coordinating, permits, logistics, catering and everything in between, we have the experience and commitment to our clients to create roadshows and promotional tours of any size, from larger, cross country tours to locally targeted events.